The Loudoun Junior Golf Association (LJGA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the youth of Loudoun County, Virginia and its surrounding area. The LJGA seeks to provide affordable access to the game of golf to young men and women (ages 8-18) by

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Golf Tournament Results



Results for every Tournament within each Division are posted under the "Division Results" tab at the top of the LJGA Home page.

Select your Division and the date of your Tournament to view the results. We try and get the results posted within two days of the Tournament. If you have a question, please email your Division Commissionaire.

Note: The web site system we use is geared towards Team sports and comes with some default page structure that does not accommodate individual Golf scores. We had to create special custom pages to display the results of our Tournaments.
Thus the reason for this page to direct you the location for Golf scores. There is a default non-functional Results tab for each Division listed in the Program Information section - please ignore this tab as it was designed to display Team scores - we have not yet figured out how to remove it.