The Loudoun Junior Golf Association (LJGA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the youth of Loudoun County, Virginia and its surrounding area. The LJGA seeks to provide affordable access to the game of golf to young men and women (ages 8-18) by

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Registration for 2020 is temporarily closed, we will post an update shortly

* * * Read these instructions carefully before starting the Registration Process * * *

Prior to the 2020 LJGA regular season, the LJGA is facilitating the seventh Kicking Cancer for Kids Charity Golf Tournament, date to be posted soon. Players 16 years and older are invited to participate in the event. Please note this event is NOT part of the regular LJGA golf season.

There are 4 registration options in the 2020 regular season.  Please read each description at the bottom of this page carefully, decide which option is best for your family and Player.

The Registration process is the same for each of the 4 Options. There is a THREE STEP process:

  1. Create an account and password - If you have an account from prior years in the LJGA, you may skip this step and log in with your established account.
  2. Register - Select one of the four registration options below and complete the process.
  3. Payment - All payments on this web site are processed through EasyMerchant Plus. Note: PayPal is no longer available. If you do not complete the payment process during your initial registration session, you may log back into your account later and you will be prompted for the payment. DO NOT register a second time or you will create a duplicate registration and fee.

Questions about a LJGA Player Registration for the 2020 Season can be sent to Neil McCoy via the "Feedback" tab on the LJGA Home page.

Master Division Players - PLEASE scroll down to the last two Master registration Options on this page. Do not register in the General Divisions. If you have a question, please send an email using the "Feedback" tab on the left of the Home page.

For status of your registration for the Mathias Tournament, additional information, or to volunteer, please contact Jackie Graham at:


Additional Important Instructions for LJGA Registration

Please scroll down this page and select the registration option appropriate for the Player. When you enter the LJGA Player Registration Process you will first be asked to Create an Account by registering yourself as your child's Parent. During the Create Account process, you may optionally add your spouse. If you were a member of LJGA in prior years, your Account is already created and you can skip the Create Account step and sign into your Account.

Review your Account data, and that of your spouse, and that of your Player - make any needed updates.

Please be careful entering your information. If you create a duplicate entry, please contact us and we will remove the duplicate.

Determine the type of Registration needed for each person being enrolled and register them one at a time. The basic registration types for LJGA Players are General and Masters.

General is for boys and girls under the age of 18 playing in the Aces, Par, Birdie and Eagle Divisions. Check the "Documents" tab on the left column of the LJGA Home page to find out a description of a Division.

Masters is for High School age boys and girls with at least an 18 handicap. Younger players are eligible to enroll in Masters provided they have a proven playing ability.

In both General and Masters parents are required to volunteer during tournaments. If you do not wish to volunteer or are not able to do so, you may opt out by paying an additional $75 fee. Please note that many volunteer jobs are non-golf related and do not require special skills. The four types of LJGA Player Registration listed below the instructions are:

General - Includes Parent Volunteer Time

General - NO Parent Volunteer Time - additional $75 Fee

Masters - Includes Parent Volunteer Time

Masters - No Parent Volunteer Time - additional $75 Fee

Please remember your Player has not completed Registration until we have received full payment. Please make sure you make a full payment usinsg EasyMerchant Plus, thank you.

We offer a Text message alert system to send reminders and alerts to Players and Parents. To receive our Text alerts about rain delays or other important event changes, please include your cell phone number and cell provider in your account information.